Der Emsdettener Frühjahrsmarkt entstand 1985 auf Initiative von Emsdettener Unternehmern und wird nach wie vor durch lokale Unternehmer organisiert. Ein Grundprinzip ist die ehrenamtlich geprägte, unabhängige und engagierte Organisation dieser Veranstaltung. Diesem Grundprinzip fühlen sich die Organisatoren nach wie vor verpflichtet.

Ihre Ansprechpartner:

Adolf Topp

  • Eventleitung
  • Standplanung
  • (Beirat)



Mirco Hagemeister

  • Einzelhandel
  • Außenwerbung
  • (Beirat)






Tobias Lanfer

  • Sicherheitskonzept
  • Behörden
  • (Beirat)






Thomas Küwen

  • Finanzen
  • Schriftverkehr
  • (Geschäftsführer)






Maik Quibeldey

  • Koordination
  • Marketing & Presse
  • (Geschäftsführer)






We recommend that before you start writing, organize your ideas on a dirty sheet (or in a ‚Word‘, which is why we live in the 21st century). Think about what you want to say and how. In written English, it not only matters that you write correctly, but also that your texts reflect a certain level when i was reading this I understand this. You don’t have to write like Shakespeare himself, but neither do your sentences have the style „My mom pampers me when.“ PS: logically this advice is intended for people who have a certain level. If you have just started to learn this language we recommend you write simple sentences and avoid subordinate ones and the excessive use of verb tenses. During the first steps of learning, having fun is more important than making life difficult. At the time of writing it is convenient that you do it in a row, without paying excessive attention to the errors. Why? Because the creative part of writing requires freedom of action, while editing requires continual attention to detail. Therefore it is very important that you do not try to do both tasks at once. Especially in the case of a foreign language that we do not master as well as our own. In any case, we also recommend applying this advice to your texts in Spanish. Later you will worry about correcting and editing those parts of your writing that does not convince you! Speaking of writing, we advise you to put your knowledge into practice day by day. „On weekends too?“ Too. „But I am going on vacation tomorrow!“ It is the same for me. We repeat what was said at the beginning: constancy, constancy and more constancy. That is the main key when learning a language. Even if it’s just a little bit every day; a few tweets, some WhatsApp than others, on a napkin while you are having a beer in a bar. And if you do not know what to write, here is our advice: write what you have done or will do throughout the day. As if it were a small newspaper. Not because we are romantic idealists or anything like that (although from time to time the server may miss a little tear when he sees ‚Bambi‘), but rather because this way you will use common nouns, adjectives, and verbs in your day today. Just the vocabulary you need to know and practice the most.

Das Team vom Emsdettener Frühjahrsmarkt steht Ihnen bei allen Fragen gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite – vor und während der Gewerbeschau.

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