Relationships in college Essay

College years are often associated with roommates and relationships between them. Those who went to college have lots of funny stories to tell. In fact, it is really important to get ready for several years spent with a complete stranger who can become one of your closest friends.


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If you are going to share your room with a roommate, you should first consider different types of roommates that can come into your life. Basically, there are three larger groups of roommates: boring grinds, carefree party-goers and ideal roommates (who are perspective life-time friends). Of course, it is important to note that one can hardly find a 100% grind or party-goer, as students often combine the features of the three groups.

First, it is necessary to consider peculiarities of grinds. Grinds are students who are absorbed by their studies. They spend most of their time in libraries, labs, classes, conferences, workshops, etc. They hardly ever talk to their roommates as they are reading most of their time.

These students usually know a lot in spheres of their interest, but they know little or nothing in other spheres. Such students cannot be exciting interlocutors. You can hardly rely on them as they can forget about you during one of their experiments or surveys.

Thus, if the features of the grind prevail in your roommate, you should not wait for a funny company or a very reliable friend. You can obtain some help in your studies, of course, if you are lucky enough to have the same subjects as your roommate has.

As for party-goers, they are totally different. They are great interlocutors when it comes to some general topics. They also know how to kill time. They are very funny and amiable. Nonetheless, you should not wait for a great conversation on some scientific, political, historical (and so on) topic.

They are too concerned with entertainment to learn anything else. They cannot be that reliable as well. They are too carefree to remember all those important things you may happen to tell them. Therefore, if you obtain such a roommate, you can address him/her when you feel like having fun. Do not think this roomie can help you with your studies.


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Finally, an ideal roommate is a student who combines features of a grind and a party-goer in the ideal ratio. This person can help you in all areas of life. For instance, you can help each other with your studies. You can go to parties together.

You can count on each other in various situations. In fact, you can become really good friends. Thus, if you are lucky to have such a roommate, you can be sure your college years will essay writing company reviews become unforgettable.

To sum up, roommates can be divided into three major groups: grinds, party-goers and ideal roomies. A grind can become a kind of shadow who is never here. Party-goers can become those who get you into trouble. Ideal roommates can become your lifetime friends. You should choose a particular behavioral pattern for a particular roommate.

Of course, it is important to remember that ‘pure’ representatives of the three groups can hardly be found, as there are different nice and mean people among those groups. However, you should remember that no matter what kind of the roommate you get, this person will definitely remain in your memory or even in your life. By the way, try to be an ideal roommate as they definitely get to Heaven.